How do I become a church member?

We don’t hold a traditional church membership. Every year on January 1, we start the year with no “members”. For those who feel led, we ask you to join in a covenant relationship with Celebration Church.

We hold Newcomer Luncheons quarterly where you can meet with the church leadership to hear more about our background, our values and ask questions. There is no commitment in attending the luncheon.

In addition, we ask those who covenant with Celebration for the first time to attend a DNA of Celebration class.

If you have questions, please contact the church office.

Celebration Covenant

Under the leadership of the Holy Spirit and in the presence of God and the Celebration family of believers, I commit my life to serving Jesus Christ as part of the Celebration Church family for the calendar year. I will actively participate with the Celebration family in fulfilling the purpose of Celebration Church.