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Value 1: Our Celebration Lives Jesus

Imperfect people following a perfect savior

We recognize the sheer weight of what our Father in Heaven did for us when He sent His son to die on the cross for our sins. Therefore our goal as transformed followers is to lead others to a new life in Christ. We know that in all things we are not, nor ever will be, perfect, but we follow a Savior who is.

Value 2: Our Celebration Loves People

Committing to relationships because everyone has worth

We treasure the fact that everyone has worth and so we commit to walking alongside one another as we do life together. It is important to us that we welcome people of all ages and offer ministries for all ages. God enriches our lives through the people we encounter. We also realize life involves messy relationships that not only love and encourage, they further our own spiritual development. For it is in these relationships, striving to be the unconditional love of Jesus, that we feel the very real impact of being unworthy yet forgiven of our own sins.

Value 3: Our Celebration Shapes Futures

Raising confident children and youth to passionately follow Christ

Raising confident children and youth to be passionate followers of Christ, who desire to make an impact for the kingdom of God, is of paramount importance to us. We teach Biblical truths, investing emotionally, spiritually and financially in our future generation. We believe that these foundational years will mature their faith from a place of knowing about God to trusting in Him.

Value 4: Our Celebration Moves Outward

Driven by faith to be tangible love

In these modern times, the world desperately needs the Church to move the faith we profess into action that’s tangible. We value faith in action by encouraging our church family, providing opportunities to be the hands and feet of Christ. When our hearts are truly broken by what breaks God’s heart, we have no choice but to move. And whether it’s a big leap outside of our comfort zone or a smaller step to simply shift our perspective to an outward focus, our faith in God fuels our action.

Value 5: Our Celebration Breathes Worship

Worship exists in life’s moments

Worship is acknowledging that one’s life is lived in the presence of the Lord. While music is a beautiful element of worship on Sunday mornings, worship also lives in the classroom at school, your daily work place, having a conversation with your neighbor or in a waiting room of a hospital. It is in these moments that our intimacy with God is strengthened.

Value 6: Our Celebration Unwraps Gifts

Discovering our unique gifts to be like Christ

Through His Holy Spirit, God calls men and women to lead in the church. As each member of the body uses their own unique gifts, through teaching serving, praying or working in a support role, the church moves forward to fulfill her God-given purpose.