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Fall Bible Study

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Sunday Mornings – Beginning September 10

9:00 AM

Discovering Gods Vision for Your Life –    Spiritual Gifts                               
(Celebration University Course)

This course helps to understand spiritual gifts, identify your own gifts, and get excited about using those gifts in ministry.

Led by: Trent and Mary Katherine Cloer
Length:  September 10 – November 5
Course Material: $20 – Participant Manuals
Location:  Food Court

Spiritual Disciplines
(Celebration University Course)

Learn to incorporate spiritual habits/practices that move you to a deeper and mature Christian faith.

Led by: Ethan and Heather Banks
Length:  September 10 – December 10
Course Material:  Celebration of Disciplines by Richard Foster
Location:  Room 9

 DNA of Celebration – Beginning November 12                    
(Celebration University Course)

Provides grounding in the basic beliefs and values of Celebration Church.

Led by: Trent and Mary Katherine Cloer
Length: November 12 – December 10
Location:  Food Court

Beyond Belief (Ongoing Study)

This study is for all adults. It meets us where we are and helps grow us as Christians though connecting the unconnected, strengthening families, and discipling people with wisdom.

Led by Tim & Connie Robbins
Location: Room 6

College & Young Professionals (Ongoing Study)

The focus of this class is on the specific changes and challenges faced during these exciting chapters of young adults’ lives – how God equips them and loves them through every minute of it.

Led by Keifer Sims
Location: Room 5

Sunday Mornings

10:15 AM – Ongoing


A class for anyone who wishes to study the Bible book by book in context and make application to life. We also become good friends through variety of shared experiences along with fun fellowship activities.

Led by: Nancy Bailey
Location: Room 5


This Bible Study encourages our spiritual growth and fellowship through the study of God’s Word.

Led by: Paul & Betty Smith, Patty Hall, and Gloria Wilson
Location: Room 7

Wednesday Mornings  – Beginning September 6

9:45 – 11:45 AM

I Am the Lord:  A Study of Ezekiel

The Book of Ezekiel is a neglected book, but its study will provide fresh insights on practical Christian living, and a return to reverence for God and His glory.  ~ 12 weeks
Leader:  Nancy Bailey
Course Material:  $15 booklet.  May be purchased at beginning of class
Location:  Food Court

Wednesday Nights – Beginning September 6

6:30 PM

Teaching Our Kids to Pray

If you are like most of us, teaching your children to pray can be intimidating and overwhelming.  Never fear!  The Kendricks are here to help!  Well, really David D Ireland, PhD is here to help all of us.  Join us as we spend 8 weeks learning together from his practical and insightful book, “Raising a Child Who Prays”.   ~8 weeks

Leaders: Jeff & Heather Kendrick
Course Material:  $10 Book by David Ireland (suggested but not required)
Location:  Room 5


This is a study of God’s righteousness and grace outlined in the book of Romans.  We will also provide you with the tools to start an inductive Bible Study for personal study or with a group of your own.   ~10 weeks

Leaders:  Christy Peevy and Steve Fairchild
Location:  Room 6

Of Mess & Moxie
In this women’s study, Jen Hatmaker teaches us we can choose to live undaunted “in the moment” no matter what the moments hold and lead vibrant, courageous, grace-filled lives.  Don’t hide in your car, eating a bag of pretzels (you know because they are low fat and don’t leave crumbs)!  Come and find your moxie to get back up and get back out! ~ 10 weeks

Leader:  Sue Campbell
Course Material:  $16 Book by Jen Hatmaker
Location:  Room 7


Humble shepherd. Giant-slayer. Gifted poet. Mighty warrior. Flawed man. Legendary leader. David is one of history’s most famous kings. But more importantly, he was a man after God’s own heart. Join this group of men for fellowship and a study of God’s word that is practical and applicable. ~ 10 weeks

Leader:  Eric Pangle
Location:  Room 9

DNA of Celebration
(Celebration University Course)

This study will provide grounding in the basic beliefs and values of Celebration Church. ~ 6 weeks

Leader:  Angie Bowling
Location:  Room 10

Beginning October 4

Birds of the Bible

More than 300 references to birds may be found in the Bible.  Birds are named specifically and generally.  In each of the 6 sessions, we will study and discuss the significance of the birds and the symbols they have become.  In addition, we will present an amateur bird-watchers view of the kinds of birds in our area that are related to the birds discussed in the Bible.  ~ 6 weeks

Leaders:  Jim Green & Paul Smith
Location:  Sanctuary



Please note if you need childcare on Wednesday Nights for babies – K, you can register your child for SPARKlers. In addition, SPARK is available for 1-5 Graders. Please register here if you haven’t already: